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The Canterbury Tales
Troilus and Criseyde
The Book of the Duchess
The Parliament of Fowls

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The Canterbury Tales
and other works

Geoffrey Chaucer (1342-1400)

Geoffrey Chaucer
Biographical information, chronologies and essays.

The Canterbury Tales
General information and essays

Selectable sources, criticism and essays:

Fragment I (Group A)
   General Prologue
   The Knight's Tale
   The Miller's Tale
   The Reeve's Tale
   The Cook's Tale

Fragment II (Group B1)
   The Man of Law's Tale

Fragment III (Group D)
   The Wife of Bath's Tale
   The Friar's Tale
   The Summoner's Tale

Fragment IV (Group E)
   The Clerk's Tale
   The Merchant's Tale

Fragment V (Group F)
   The Squire's Tale
   The Franklin's Tale

Fragment VI (Group C)
   The Physician's Tale
   The Pardoner's Tale

Fragment VII (Group B2)
   The Shipman's Tale
   The Prioress's Tale
   The Tale of Sir Thopas
   The Tale of Melibee
   The Monk's Tale
   The Nun's Priest's Tale

Fragment VIII (Group G)
   The Second Nun's Tale
   The Canon's Yeoman's Tale

Fragment IX (Group H)
   The Manciple's Tale

Fragment X (Group I)
   The Parson's Tale
   Chaucer's Retraction

Audio Links to The Canterbury Tales

Troilus and Criseyde
Introductions, summaries, essays, etc.

Other works
The Book of the Duchess
The Parliament of Fowls


A glossarial Database of Middle English
Search engine to look up words in The Canterbury Tales. Material prepared by Larry D. Benson.

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