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From The Clerk's Tale, lines 1177-1212:
Lenvoy de Chaucer
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Clerk's Tale
lines 1213-1219: The Host comments on the Clerk's tale

Bihoold the murye Wordes of the Hoost.

       This worthy clerk, whan ended was his tale,
Oure hoost seyde, and swoor: "By goddes bones,
1215Me were levere than a barel ale
"Me wyf at hoom had herd this legende ones;
This is a gentil tale for the nones,
As to my purpos, wiste ye my wille,-
But thyng that wol nat be, lat it be stille."
       This noble clerk, when his tale was ended
Our host said and pledged on God's bones
1215"I would rather than have a barrel of ale
My wife at home had once heard this tale
This is a fine tale for the occasion
For my purposes if you knew my will
But thing that will not be, let it be still."

Heere endeth the Tale of the Clerk of Oxenford.

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