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From The Clerk's Tale, lines 323-350:
Walter asks Griselda to marry him
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Clerk's Tale
lines 351-364: Griselda consents

       I seye this, be ye redy with good herte
To al my lust, and that I frely may,
As me best thynketh, do yow laughe or smerte,
And nevere ye to grucche it nyght ne day,
355And eek whan I sey ye, ne sey nat nay,
Neither by word, ne frownyng contenance?
Swere this, and heere I swere yow alliance."
       I say this: Are you ready with good heart
To grant my wish, and that I freely may,
As I shall think best, make you laugh or smart,
And you to grumble never, night or day?
355And too, when I say 'yea' you say not 'nay'
By word or frown to what I have designed.
Swear this, and here I will our contract bind."

       Wondrynge upon this word, quakynge for drede,
She seyde, "Lord, undigne and unworthy
360Am I to thilke honour, that ye me beede,
But as ye wole yourself, right so wol I.
And heere I swere, that nevere willyngly
In werk ne thoght I nyl yow disobeye,
For to be deed, though me were looth to deye."
       Wondering upon this word, quaking for fear,
She said: "My lord, unsuited, unworthy
360Am I to take the honour you give me here;
But what you'd have, that very thing would I.
And here I swear that never willingly,
In deed or thought, will I you disobey,
To save my life, and I love life, I say."

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From The Clerk's Tale, lines 365-392:
The wedding of Walter and Griselda