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From The Clerk's Tale, lines 687-721:
Despite the loss of her second child, Griselda's mood and splendour remain unchanged
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Clerk's Tale
lines 722-735: Lord Walter subjects speak ill about him

       The sclaundre of Walter ofte and wyde spradde,
That of a crueel herte he wikkedly,
For he a povre womman wedded hadde,
725Hath mordred bothe his children prively.-
Swich murmur was among hem comunly;
No wonder is, for to the peples ere
Ther cam no word, but that they mordred were.
       The scandal of this Walter widely spread,
That, of his cruel heart, he'd wickedly
Because a humble woman he had wed
725Murdered his two young children secretly.
Such murmurs went among them commonly.
No wonder, either, for to people's ear
There came no word but they'd been murdered there.

       For which, wher as his peple therbifore
730Hadde loved hym wel, the sclaundre of his diffame
Made hem, that they hym hatede therfore.
To been a mordrere is an hateful name;
But nathelees, for ernest ne for game
He of his crueel purpos nolde stente:
735To tempte his wyf was set al his entente.
       For which, whereas the people theretofore
730Had loved him, now the scandal of such shame
Caused them to hate where they had loved before;
To be a murderer brings a hateful name.
Nevertheless, in earnest nor in game
Would he from this his cruel plan be bent;
735To test his wife was all his fixed intent.

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From The Clerk's Tale, lines 736-756:
Lord Walter orders to counterfeit and produce a papal bull that orders him to remarry