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From The Clerk's Tale, lines 736-756:
Lord Walter orders to counterfeit and produce a papal bull that orders him to remarry
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Clerk's Tale
lines 757-784: Lord Walter writes a letter to Bologna to send back his children and orders not to reveal their lineage

       Abidynge evere his lust and his plesance
To whom that she was yeven, herte and al,
As to hire verray worldly suffisance.
760But shortly, if this storie I tellen shal,
This markys writen hath in special
A lettre, in which he sheweth his entente,
And secreely he to Boloigne it sente;
       Abiding ever his wish and pleasure still,
To whom she had been given, heart and all;
He was her worldly hope, for good or ill;
760But to tell all this briefly, if I shall,
This marquis wrote, in letter personal,
The devious working of his whole intent
And secretly 'twas to Bologna sent.

       To the Erl of Panyk, which that hadde tho
765Wedded his suster, preyde he specially
To bryngen hoom agayn hise children two,
In honurable estaat al openly;
But o thyng he hym preyede outrely,
That he to no wight, though men wolde enquere,
770Sholde nat telle whos children that they were,
       Unto Panago's count, who had, we know,
765Wedded his sister, prayed he specially
To bring him home again his children two,
In honourable estate, all openly.
But one more thing he prayed him, utterly,
That he to no one, whoso should inquire,
770Would tell who was their mother or their sire,

       But seye, the mayden sholde ywedded be
Unto the Markys of Saluce anon.
And as this Erl was preyed, so dide he;
For at day set he on his wey is goon
775Toward Saluce, and lordes many oon,
In riche array this mayden for to gyde,
Hir yonge brother ridynge hir bisyde.
       But say, the maiden married was to be
Unto Saluzzo's marquis, and anon.
And as this count was asked, so then did he;
For on day set he on his way was gone
775Toward Saluzzo, with lords many a one,
In rich array, this maiden there to guide,
With her young brother riding at her side.

       Arrayed was toward hir mariage
This fresshe mayde, ful of gemmes cleere;
780Hir brother, which that seven yeer was of age,
Arrayed eek ful fressh in his manere.
And thus in greet noblesse, and with glad cheere,
Toward Saluces shapynge hir journey,
Fro day to day they ryden in hir wey.
       So toward her marriage went this fresh young maid
Clothed richly and covered with jewels clear;
780Her brother with her, boyishly arrayed,
And all anew, was now in his eighth year.
And thus in great pomp and with merry cheer
Toward Saluzzo went they on their way,
And rode along together day by day.

Explicit quarta pars.
Here ends the fourth part

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From The Clerk's Tale, lines 785-791:
Lord Walter tests his wife Griselda once more