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From The Franklin's Tale, lines 259-270:
Aurelius reveals his love for Dorigen
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Franklin's Tale
lines 271-280: Dorigen rejects Aurelius' love

       She gan to looke upon Aurelius:
"Is this youre wyl!" quod she, "and sey ye thus?
Nevere erst," quod she, "ne wiste I what ye mente.
But now, Aurelie, I knowe youre entente.
275By thilke God, that yaf me soule and lyf,
Ne shal I nevere been untrewe wyf,
In word ne werk, as fer as I have wit.
I wol been his to whom that I am knyt.
Taak this for fynal answere as of me."
280But after that, in pley thus seyde she,
       So then she looked upon Aurelius:
"Is this your will?" asked she, "And say you thus?
Never before have I known what you meant.
But since, Aurelius, I know your intent,
275By that same God Who gave me soul and life,
Never shall I become an untrue wife
In word or deed, so far as I have wit:
I will remain his own to whom I'm knit;
Take this for final answer as from me."
280But after that she said thus, sportively:

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From The Franklin's Tale, lines 281-297:
To receive her love, Dorigen demands the impossible from Aurelius