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From The Friar's Tale, lines 37-67:
About a treacherous summoner
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Friar's Tale
lines 68-73: The interruption of the Summoner

       "Peter! so been the wommen of the styves,"
Quod the Somonour, "yput out of oure cure!"
70       "Pees! with myschance and with mysaventure!"
Thys seyde oure Hoost, "and lat hym telle his tale.
Now telleth forth, thogh that the somonour gale;
Ne spareth nat, myn owene maister deere."
       "Peter! So are the women of the dives,"
The summoner said, "likewise beyond my cure!"
70       "Peace, with mischance and with misadventure!"
Thus spoke our host, "and let him tell his tale.
Now tell it on, despite the summoner's wail,
Nor spare in anything, my master dear."

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From The Friar's Tale, lines 74-119:
The summoner's trade and practice