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From The Friar's Tale, lines 240-258:
The demon's various shapes of appearance
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Friar's Tale
lines 259-270: The summoner and the demon promise to share each other's earning

       "Nay," quod this somonour, "that shal nat bityde!
260I am a yeman, knowen is ful wyde;
My trouthe wol I holde, as in this cas.
For though thou were the devel Sathanas,
My trouthe wol I holde to my brother,
As I am sworn, and ech of us til oother,
265For to be trewe brother in this cas;
And bothe we goon abouten oure purchas.
Taak thou thy part, what that men wol thee yive,
And I shal myn; thus may we bothe lyve.
And if that any of us have moore than oother,
270Lat hym be trewe, and parte it with his brother."
       "Nay," said the other, "that shall not betide;
260"I am a bailiff, known both far and wide;
My promise will I keep in this one case.
For though you were the devil Sathanas,
My loyalty will I preserve to my dear brother,
As I have sworn, and each of us to other,
265That we will be true brothers in this case;
And let us both about our business pace.
Take your own part, of what men will you give,
And I will mine; and thus may we both live.
And if that either of us gets more than other,
270Let him be true and share it with his brother."

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From The Friar's Tale, lines 271-306:
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