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From The Friar's Tale, lines 271-306:
About the true meaning and intention of a curse
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Friar's Tale
lines 307-325: The summoner attempts to blackmail an old woman

       Whan that they coomen somwhat out of towne,
This somonour to his brother gan to rowne:
"Brother," quod he, "heere woneth an old rebekke,
310That hadde almoost as lief to lese hire nekke
As for to yeve a peny of hir good.
I wole han twelf pens, though that she be wood,
Or I wol sompne hire unto oure office;
And yet, God woot, of hire knowe I no vice.
315But for thou kanst nat, as in this contree,
Wynne thy cost, taak heer ensample of me."
       When they had come a little out of town,
This summoner whispered, to his brother drawn,
"Brother," said he, "here lives an ancient crone
310Who'd quite as gladly lose her neck as own
She must give up a penny, good or bad.
But I'll have twelvepence, though it drive her mad
Or I will summon her to our office;
And yet God knows I know of her no vice.
315But since you cannot, in this strange country,
Make your expenses, here take note of me."
       This somonour clappeth at the wydwes gate.
"Com out," quod he, "thou olde virytrate!
I trowe thou hast som frere or preest with thee."
320       "Who clappeth?" seyde this wyf, "benedicitee!
God save you, sire, what is youre sweete wille?"
       "I have, quod he, "of somonce here a bille;
Up peyne of cursyng, looke that thou be
To-morn bifore the erchedeknes knee,
325T'answere to the court of certeyn thynges."
       This summoner knocked on the widow's gate.
"Come out," cried he, "you old she-reprobate!
I think you've got some friar or priest there, eh?"
320"Who knocks then?" said the widow. "Ben'cite!
God save you, master, what is your sweet will?"
"I have," said he, "a summons here, a bill;
On pain of excommunication be
Tomorrow morn at the archdeacon's knee
325To answer to the court for certain things."

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