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From The Knight's Tale, lines 1805-1817:
Saturn disagrees with the result of the fight
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Knight's Tale
lines 1818-1841: Arcita falls from his horse

      This fierse Arcite hath of his helm ydon,
And on a courser for to shewe his face
1820He priketh endelong the large place,
Lokynge upward upon this Emelye,
And she agayn hym caste a freendlich eye,
(For wommen, as to speken in comune,
Thei folwen alle the favour of Fortune)
1825And she was al his chiere, as in his herte.
      This fierce Arcita doffs his helmet soon,
And mounted on a horse, to show his face,
1820He spurs from end to end of that great place,
Looking aloft to gaze on Emily;
And she cast down on him a friendly eye
(For women, generally speaking, go
Wherever Fortune may her favour show)
1825And she was fair to see, and held his heart.
      Out of the ground a furie infernal sterte,
From Pluto sent, at requeste of Saturne,
For which his hors for fere gan to turne,
And leep aside and foundred as he leep.
1830And er that Arcite may taken keep,
He pighte hym on the pomel of his heed,
That in the place he lay as he were deed,
His brest tobrosten with his sadel-bowe.
As blak he lay as any cole or crowe,
1835So was the blood yronnen in his face.
Anon he was yborn out of the place,
With herte soor, to Theseus paleys.
Tho was he korven out of his harneys,
And in a bed ybrought ful faire and blyve,
1840For he was yet in memorie and alyve,
And alwey criynge after Emelye.
      But from the ground infernal furies start,
From Pluto sent, at instance of Saturn,
Whereat his horse, for fear, began to turn
And leap aside, all suddenly falling there;
1830And Arcita before he could beware
Was pitched upon the ground, upon his head,
And lay there, moving not, as he were dead,
His chest crushed in upon the saddle-bow.
And black he lay as ever coal, or crow,
1835So ran the surging blood into his face.
Anon they carried him from out that place,
With heavy hearts, to Theseus' palace.
There was his harness cut away, each lace,
And swiftly was he laid upon a bed,
1840For he was yet alive and some words said,
Crying and calling after Emily.

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From The Knight's Tale, lines 1842-1884:
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