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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 316-322:
Constance leaves for Syria
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Man of Law's Tale
lines 323-343: The sultan's mother repudiates her son's conversion

       The mooder of the Sowdan, welle of vices,
Espied hath hir sones pleyne entente,
325How he wol lete hise olde sacrifices,
And right anon she for hir conseil sente,
And they been come, to knowe what she mente,
And whan assembled was this folk in-feere,
She sette hir doun, and seyde as ye shal heere.
       The mother of the sultan, well of vices,
Has heard the news of her son's full intent,
325How he will leave the ancient sacrifices;
And she at once for her own council sent;
And so they came to learn what thing she meant.
And when they were assembled, each compeer,
She took her seat and spoke as you shall hear.

330        "Lordes," quod she, "ye knowen everichon,
How that my sone in point is for to lete
The hooly lawes of oure Alkaron,
Yeven by Goddes message, Makomete.
But oon avow to grete God I heete,
335The lyf shal rather out of my body sterte,
Than Makometes lawe out of myn herte!
330       "My lords," said she, "you know well, every man,
My son intends to forgo and forget
The holy precepts of our Alkoran,
Given by God's own prophet, Mahomet.
But I will make one vow to great God yet:
335The life shall rather from my body start
Than Islam's laws out of my faithful heart!

What sholde us tyden of this newe lawe
But thraldom to our bodies, and penance,
And afterward in helle to be drawe
340For we reneyed Mahoun oure creance?
But lordes, wol ye maken assurance
As I shal seyn, assentynge to my loore,
And I shal make us sauf for everemoore."
What should we get from taking this new creed
But thralldom for our bodies and penance?
And afterward, be drawn to Hell, indeed,
340For thus denying our faith's inheritance?
But, lords, if you will give your sustenance,
And join me for the wisdom I've in store,
I swear to save us all for evermore."

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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 344-357:
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