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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 344-357:
The sultan's mother initiates a conspiracy
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Man of Law's Tale
lines 358-371: A comparison between the sultan's mother, the snake in hell and Satan

O Sowdanesse, roote of iniquitee!
Virage, thou Semyrame the secounde!
360O serpent under femynyntee,
Lik to the serpent depe in helle ybounde!
O feyned womman, al that may confounde
Vertu and innocence thurgh thy malice
Is bred in thee, as nest of every vice!
O sultana, root of iniquity!
Virago, you Semiramis second!
360O snake hid in femininity,
Just as the snake deep in hell is bound!
O pseudo-woman, all that may confound
Virtue and innocence, through your malice,
Is bred in you, the nest of every vice!

365 O Sathan, envious syn thilke day
That thou were chaced from oure heritage,
Wel knowestow to wommen the olde way!
Thou madest Eva brynge us in servage;
Thou wolt fordoon this Cristen mariage.
370Thyn instrument, so weylawey the while!
Makestow of wommen, whan thou wolt bigile.
365O Satan, envious since that same day
When thou wert banished from our heritage,
Well know'st thou unto woman thine old way!
Thou made'st Eve bring us into long bondage.
Thou wilt destroy this Christian marriage.
370Thine instrument- ah welaway the while!-
Make'st thou of woman when thou wilt beguile!

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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 372-385:
The onset of the conspiracy