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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 694-707:
The king's mother dislikes her son's marriage
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Man of Law's Tale
lines 708-728: King Alla goes to war and Constance gives birth to a boy

       They goon to bedde, as it was skile and right,
For thogh that wyves be ful hooly thynges,
710They moste take in pacience at nyght
Swiche manere necessaries as been plesynges
To folk that han ywedded hem with rynges,
And leye a lite hir hoolynesse aside
As for the tyme, it may no bet bitide.
       They went to bed, as was but just and right,
For though some wives are pure and saintly things,
710They must endure, in patience, in the night,
Such necessaries as make pleasurings
To men whom they have wedded well with rings,
And lay their holiness a while aside;
There may no better destiny betide.

715 On hire he gat a knave childe anon,
And to a bisshop and his constable eke
He took his wyf to kepe, whan he is gon
To Scotlond-ward, his foomen for to seke.
Now faire Custance, that is so humble and meke,
720So longe is goon with childe, til that stille
She halt hire chambre, abidyng Cristes wille.
715On her he got a man-child right anon;
And to a bishop and the warden eke
He gave his wife to guard, while he was gone
To Scotland, there his enemies to seek;
Now Constance, who so humble is, and meek,
720So long is gone with child that, hushed and still,
She keeps her chamber, waiting on Christ's will.

The tyme is come; a knave child she beer,
Mauricius at the fontstoon they hym calle.
This constable dooth forth come a messageer,
725And wroot unto his kyng, that cleped was Alle,
How that this blisful tidyng is bifalle,
And othere tidynges spedeful for to seye;
He taketh the lettre, and forth he gooth his weye.
The time was come, a baby boy she bore;
Mauritius they did name him at the font;
This constable sent forth a messenger
725And wrote unto King Alla at the front
Of all this glad event, a full account,
And other pressing matters did he say.
He took the letter and went on his way.

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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 729-742:
A messenger is sent to the king, but the messenger goes to the king's mother first