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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 806-840:
The messenger returns to the king's court
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Man of Law's Tale
lines 841-861: Constance asks virgin Mary for help

       "Mooder," quod she, "and mayde bright, Marie,
Sooth is that thurgh wommanes eggement
Mankynde was lorn and damned ay to dye,
For which thy child was on a croys yrent;
845Thy blisful eyen sawe al his torment;
Thanne is ther no comparison bitwene
Thy wo, and any wo man may sustene.
       "Mother," she said, "O bright virgin, Mary,
True is it that through woman's incitement
Mankind was banished and is doomed to die,
For which your son upon the cross was rent;
845Your blessed eyes saw all of his torment;
Wherefore there's no comparison between
Your woe and any woe of man, though keen.

Thow sawe thy child yslayn bifore thyne eyen,
And yet now lyveth my litel child, parfay.
850Now, lady bright, to whom alle woful cryen,
Thow glorie of wommanhede, thow faire may,
Thow haven of refut, brighte sterre of day,
Rewe on my child, that of thy gentillesse
Ruest on every reweful in distresse.
You saw them slay your son before your eyes;
And yet lives now my little child, I say!
850O Lady bright, to whom affliction cries,
Thou glory of womanhood, O thou fair May,
Haven of refuge, bright star of the day,
Pity my child, who of your gentleness
Hast pity on mankind in all distress!

855        O litel child, allas, what is thy gilt,
That nevere wroghtest synne as yet, pardee!
Why wil thyn harde fader han thee spilt?
O mercy, deere Constable," quod she,
"As lat my litel child dwelle heer with thee;
860And if thou darst nat saven hym for blame,
Yet kys hym ones in his fadres name."
855       O little child, alas! What is your guilt,
Who never wrought the smallest sin? Ah me,
Why will your too hard father have you killed?
Have mercy, O dear constable!" cried she,
"And let my little child bide, safe from sea;
860And if you dare not save him, lest they blame
Then kiss him once in his dear father's name!"

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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 862-875:
Constance and her son are victually embarked and pushed into the sea