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From The Merchant's Tale, lines 125-149:
Men should thank God for their wives
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Merchant's Tale
lines 150-162: Biblical examples about good wives

150        Lo, how that Jacob, as thise clerkes rede,
By good conseil of his mooder Rebekke,
Boond the kydes skyn aboute his nekke,
For which his fadres benyson he wan.
       Lo, Judith, as the storie eek telle kan,
155By wys conseil she Goddes peple kepte,
And slow hym Olofernus, whil he slepte.
       Lo Abigayl, by good conseil, how she
Saved hir housbonde Nabal, whan that he
Sholde han be slayn; and looke, Ester also
160By good conseil delyvered out of wo
The peple of God, and made hym Mardochee
Of Assuere enhaunced for to be.
150       Lo, how young Jacob, as these clerics read,
About his hairless neck a kid's skin bound,
A trick that Dame Rebecca for him found,
By which his father's benison he won.
Lo, Judith, as the ancient stories run,
155By her wise counsel she God's people kept,
And Holofernes slew, while yet he slept.
Lo, Abigail, by good advice how she
Did save her husband, Nabal, when that he
Should have been slain; and lo, Esther also
160By good advice delivered out of woe
The people of God and got him, Mordecai,
By King Ahasuerus lifted high.

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