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From The Merchant's Tale, lines 443-476:
Justinus puts marriage as heaven on earth in perspective
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Merchant's Tale
lines 477-496: January the knight and Maia the virgin are married

       And with this word this Justyn and his brother
Han take hir leve, and ech of hem of oother.
For whan they saughe that it moste nedes be,
480They wroghten so, by sly and wys tretee,
That she, this mayden, which that Mayus highte,
As hastily as evere that she myghte,
Shal wedded be unto this Januarie.
I trowe it were to longe yow to tarie,
485If I yow tolde of every scrit and bond
By which that she was feffed in his lond,
Or for to herknen of hir riche array.
But finally ycomen is the day
That to the chirche bothe be they went
490For to receyve the hooly sacrement.
Forth comth the preest, with stole aboute his nakke,
And bad hire be lyk Sarra and Rebekke
In wysdom and in trouthe of mariage;
And seyde his orisons, as is usage,
495And croucheth hem, and bad God sholde hem blesse,
And made al siker ynogh with hoolynesse.
       And with that word this Justin and his brother
Did take their leave, and each of them from other.
For when they all saw that it must needs be,
480They so arranged, by sly and wise treaty,
That she, this virgin, who was Maia hight,
As speedily indeed as ever she might,
Should married be unto this January.
I think it were too long a time to tarry
485To tell of deed and bond between them, and
The way she was enfeoffed of all his land;
Or to hear tell of all her rich array.
But finally was come the happy day
When to the church together they two went,
490There to receive the holy sacrament.
Forth came the priest with stole about his neck,
Saying of Rebecca and Sarah she should reck
For wisdom and for truth in her marriage;
And said his orisons, as is usage,
495And crossed them, praying God that he should bless,
And made all tight enough with holiness.

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