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From The Merchant's Tale, lines 720-742:
Damian stealthly passes the letter to Maia
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Merchant's Tale
lines 743-754: Maia obeys January

       Who studieth now but faire fresshe May?
Adoun by olde Januarie she lay,
745That sleep til that the coughe hath hym awaked.
Anon he preyde hire strepen hire al naked;
He wolde of hire, he seyde, han som plesaunce,
And seyde hir clothes dide hym encombraunce,
And she obeyeth, be hire lief or looth.
750But lest that precious folk be with me wrooth,
How that he wroghte, I dar nat to yow telle;
Or wheither hire thoughte it paradys or helle.
But heere I lete hem werken in hir wyse
Til evensong rong, and that they moste aryse.
       Who's in brown study now but fair fresh May?
Down by old January's side she lay,
745Who slept, until the cough awakened him;
He prayed her strip all naked for his whim;
He would have pleasure of her, so he said,
And clothes were an incumbrance when in bed,
And she obeyed him, whether lief or loath.
750But lest these precious folk be with me wroth,
How there he worked, I dare not to you tell;
Nor whether she thought it paradise or hell;
But there I leave them working in their wise
Till vespers rang and they must needs arise.

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From The Merchant's Tale, lines 755-774:
Maia thinks about Damian