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From The Merchant's Tale, lines 775-782:
An example on generosity
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Merchant's Tale
lines 783-796: Maia writes a letter back and reveals her thougths to Damian

       This gentil May, fulfilled of pitee,
Right of hire hand a lettre made she,
785In which she graunteth hym hire verray grace.
Ther lakketh noght, oonly but day and place,
Wher that she myghte unto his lust suffise;
For it shal be right as he wole devyse.
And whan she saugh hir tyme, upon a day,
790To visite this Damyan gooth May,
And sotilly this lettre doun she threste
Under his pilwe, rede it if hym leste.
She taketh hym by the hand, and harde hym twiste
So secrely that no wight of it wiste,
795And bad hym been al hool, and forth she wente
To Januarie, whan that he for hire sente.
       This gentle May, fulfilled of all pity,
With her own hand a letter then wrote she
785In which she granted him her utmost grace;
There was naught lacking now, except time and place
Wherein she might suffice to ease his lust:
For all should be as he would have it, just;
And when she'd opportunity on a day,
790To visit Damian went this lovely May,
And cleverly this letter she thrust close
Under his pillow, read it if he chose.
She took him by the hand and hard did press,
So secretly that no one else could guess,
795And bade him gain his health, and forth she went
To January, when for her he sent.

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