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From The Merchant's Tale, lines 913-936:
January asks Maia to go with him to the garden
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Merchant's Tale
lines 937-947: Maia stealthly signs to Damian and they go to the garden

       Swiche olde lewed wordes used he.
On Damyan a signe made she,
That he sholde go biforn with his cliket.
940This Damyan thanne hath opened the wyket,
And in he stirte, and that in swich manere
That no wight myghte it se neither yheere,
And stille he sit under a bussh anon.
This Januarie, as blynd as is a stoon,
945With Mayus in his hand, and no wight mo,
Into his fresshe gardyn is ago,
And clapte to the wyket sodeynly.
       Such were the lewd old words that then used he;
To Damian a secret sign made she
That he should go before them with his clicket;
940This Damian then opened up the wicket,
And in he slipped, and that in manner such
That none could see nor hear; and he did crouch
And still he sat beneath a bush anon.
This January, blind as is a stone,
945With Maia's hand in his, and none else there,
Into his garden went, so fresh and fair,
And then clapped to the wicket suddenly.

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From The Merchant's Tale, lines 948-972:
In the garden, January affirms his love to Maia