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From The Merchant's Tale, lines 973-994:
Maia affirms her love to her husband January
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Merchant's Tale
lines 995-1006: Maia directs Damian into a tree

995        And with that word she saugh wher Damyan
Sat in the bussh, and coughen she bigan,
And with hir fynger signes made she
That Damyan sholde clymbe upon a tree,
That charged was with fruyt, and up he wente.
1000For verraily he knew al hire entente,
And every signe that she koude make,
Wel bet than Januarie, hir owene make;
For in a lettre she hadde toold hym al
Of this matere, how he werchen shal.
1005And thus I lete hym sitte upon the pyrie,
And Januarie and may romynge ful myrie.
995       And with that word she saw where Damian
Sat under bush; to cough then she began,
And with her slender finger signs made she
That Damian should climb into a tree
That burdened was with fruit, and up he went;
1000For verily he knew her full intent,
And understood each sign that she could make,
Better than January, her old rake.
For in a letter she had told him all
Of how he should proceed when time should fall.
1005And thus I leave him in the pear-tree still
While May and January roam at will.

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From The Merchant's Tale, lines 1007-1024:
Pluto the fairy king and his wife Proserpine the fairy queen witness the scene