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From The Monk's Tale, lines 111-118:
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Monk's Tale
lines 119-126: Adam


       Loo Adam, in the feeld of Damyssene,
120With Goddes owene fynger wroght was he,
And nat bigeten of mannes sperme unclene,
And welte all Paradys, savynge o tree.
Hadde nevere worldly man so heigh degree
As Adam, til he, for mysgovernaunce,
125Was dryven out of hys hye prosperitee
To labour, and to helle, and to meschaunce.
       Lo, Adam, in the garden Damascene,
120By God Almighty's finger wrought was he,
And not begotten of man's sperm unclean;
He ruled all Paradise, except one tree.
Had never earthly man so high degree
As Adam, till he, for misgovernance,
125Was driven from his high prosperity
To labour, and to Hell, and to mischance.

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