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From The Nun's Priest's Tale, lines 297-343:
Another example about a man having a bad dream
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Nun's Priest's Tale
lines 344-355: About St. Kenelm's bad dreams

       Lo, in the lyf of Seint Kenelm I rede,
345That was Kenulphus sone, the noble kyng,
Of Mercenrike how Kenelm mette a thyng.
A lite er he was mordred, on a day
His mordre in his avysioun he say.
His norice hym expowned every deel
350His sweven, and bad hym for to kepe hym weel
For traisoun, but he nas but seven yeer oold,
And therfore litel tale hath he toold
Of any dreem, so hooly is his herte.
By God! I hadde levere than my sherte
355That ye hadde rad his legende, as have I.
       Why in the 'Life' of Saint Kenelm I read
345Who was Kenelphus' son, the noble king
Of Mercia, how Kenelm dreamed a thing;
A while before he was murdered, so they say,
His own death in a vision saw, one day.
His nurse interpreted, as records tell,
350That vision, bidding him to guard him well
From treason; but he was but seven years old,
And therefore 'twas but little he'd been told
Of any dream, so holy was his heart.
By God! I'd rather than retain my shirt
355That you had read this legend, as have I.

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From The Nun's Priest's Tale, lines 356-390:
Chauntecleer gives classical and biblical examples about bad dreams