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From The Nun's Priest's Tale, lines 636-647:
Chauntecleer sets a trap for the fox
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Nun's Priest's Tale
lines 648-659: The fox falls for the trap

       The fox answerde, "In feith, it shal be don."
And as he spak that word, al sodeynly
650This cok brak from his mouth delyverly,
And heighe upon a tree he fleigh anon.
And whan the fox saugh that he was gon,
       "Allas!" quod he, "O Chauntecleer, allas!
I have to yow," quod he, "ydoon trespas,
655In as muche as I maked yow aferd,
Whan I yow hente and broght into this yerd.
But, sire, I dide it of no wikke entente,
Com doun, and I shal telle yow what I mente;
I shal seye sooth to yow, God help me so."
       The fox replied: "In faith, it shall be done!"
And as he spoke that word, all suddenly
650This cock broke from his mouth, very cleverly,
And high upon a tree he flew anon.
And when the fox saw well that he was gone,
       "Alas," quoth he, "O Chauntecleer, alas!
I have against you done a base trespass
655In that I frightened you, my dear old pard,
When you I seized and brought from out that yard;
But, sir, I did it with no foul intent;
Come down, and I will tell you what I meant.
I'll tell the truth to you, God help me so!"

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From The Nun's Priest's Tale, lines 660-680:
Chauntecleer is safe and the Nun's Priest urges his audience not to miss the moral of his tale