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From The Pardoner's Tale, lines 317-334:
An examplary story about Chilon
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Pardoner's Tale
lines 335-342: An examplary story about king Demetrius

335        Looke eek that to the kyng Demetrius
The kyng of Parthes, as the book seith us,
Sente him a paire of dees of gold, in scorn,
For he hadde used hasard ther-biforn,
For which he heeld his glorie or his renoun
340At no value or reputacioun.
Lordes may fynden oother maner pley
Honeste ynough, to dryve the day awey.
335       Let us look, then, at King Demetrius.
The king of Parthia, as the book tells us,
Sent him a pair of golden dice, in scorn,
Because the name of gambler he had borne;
Wherefore he marked his reputation down
340As valueless despite his wide renown.
Great lords may find sufficient other play
Seemly enough to while the time away.

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