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From The Pardoner's Tale, lines 551-572:
The third man agrees with himself how to divide the treasure
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Pardoner's Tale
lines 573-592: The third men returns to his friends

       The pothecarie answerde, "And thou shalt have
A thyng, that al so God my soule save,
575In al this world ther is no creature
That eten or dronken hath of this confiture
Noght but the montance of a corn of whete,
That he ne shal his lif anon forlete;
Ye, sterve he shal, and that in lasse while
580Than thou wolt goon a paas nat but a mile,
This poysoun is so strong and violent."
       This cursed man hath in his hond yhent
This poysoun in a box, and sith he ran
Into the nexte strete unto a man,
585And borwed of hym large botels thre;
And in the two his poyson poured he;
The thridde he kepte clene for his owene drynke.
For al the nyght he shoop hym for to swynke
In cariynge of the gold out of that place.
590And whan this riotour, with sory grace,
Hadde filed with wyn his grete botels thre,
To hise felawes agayn repaireth he.
       The apothecary said: "And you shall have
A thing of which, so God my spirit save,
575In all this world there is no live creature
That's eaten or has drunk of this mixture
As much as equals but a grain of wheat,
That shall not sudden death thereafter meet;
Yea, die he shall, and in a shorter while
580Than you require to walk but one short mile;
This poison is so violent and strong."
       This wicked man the poison took along
With him boxed up, and then he straightway ran
Into the street adjoining, to a man,
585And of him borrowed generous bottles three;
And into two his poison then poured he;
The third one he kept clean for his own drink.
For all that night he was resolved to swink
In carrying the florins from that place.
590And when this roisterer, with evil grace,
Had filled with wine his mighty bottles three,
Then to his comrades forth again went he.

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From The Pardoner's Tale, lines 593-602:
The three men find Death