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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Parson's Prologue
lines 1-21: The Manciple has finished his tale and the Host wants one more tale

Heere folweth the Prologe of the Persouns Tale

       By that the Maunciple hadde his tale al ended,
The sonne fro the south lyne was descended
So lowe that he nas nat, to my sighte,
Degrees nyne and twenty as in highte.
5Foure of the clokke it was tho, as I gesse,
For ellevene foot, or litel moore or lesse,
My shadwe was at thilke tyme, as there,
Of swiche feet as my lengthe parted were
In sixe feet equal of proporcioun.
10Therwith the moones exaltacioun,
I meene Libra, alwey gan ascende,
As we were entryng at a thropes ende;
For which oure Hoost, as he was wont to gye,
As in this caas, oure joly compaignye,
15Seyde in this wise: "lordynges everichoon,
Now lakketh us no tales mo than oon.
Fulfilled is my sentence and my decree;
I trowe that we han herd of ech degree;
Almoost fulfild is al myn ordinaunce.
20I pray to God, so yeve hym right good chaunce,
That telleth this tale to us lustily.
       At the time that the Manciple had his tale all ended
The sun from the south was descended
So low that he was not, to my sight
More than nine and twenty degrees in height
5Four o'clock it was then, as I guess
For eleven feet, or little more of less
My shadow that same time was there
Of such feet as if my length divided were
Into six feet equal portions
10Therewith the moon's motion
I mean Libra, regularly began to ascend
As we were entering a village's end
For which our Host, since he was accustomed to guide
On this occasion, our jolly group on the ride
15Said in this manner: "Gentlemen, every one
Now we lack no tales more than one.
Fulfilled is my plan and my decree
I think that we have heard from each social degree
Almost finished is all my governance.
20I pray to God, to give him good luck and chance,
Who tells this tale to us pleasingly.

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