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From The Parson's Tale, paragraph 82:
The ways of the devil to tempt a person to lust
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Parson's Tale
Paragraph 83
The remedy against the sin of Lechery: chastity and continence

Remedium contra peccatum Luxurie

§ 83       Now comth the remedie agayns Leccherie, and that is generally chastitee and continence, that restreyneth alle the desordeynee moevynges that comen of flesshly talentes. And evere the gretter merite shal he han, that moost restreyneth the wikkede eschawfynges of the ardour of this synne. And this is in two maneres, that is to seyn, chastitee in mariage, and chastitee of widwehod. Now shaltow understonde that matrimoyne is leefful assemblynge of man and of womman that receyven by vertu of the sacrement the boond thurgh which they may nat be departed in al hir lyf, that is to seyn, whil that they lyven bothe. This, as seith the book, is a ful greet sacrement. God maked it, as I have seyd, in paradys, and wolde hymself be born in mariage. And for to halwen mariage he was at a weddynge, where as he turned water into wyn; which was the firste miracle that he wroghte in erthe biforn his disciples. Trewe effect of mariage clenseth fornicacioun and replenysseth hooly chirche of good lynage; for that is the ende of mariage; and it chaungeth deedly synne into venial synne bitwixe hem that been ywedded, and maketh the hertes al oon of hem that been ywedded, as wel as the bodies. This is verray mariage, that was establissed by God, er that synne bigan, whan natureel lawe was in his right poynt in paradys; and it was ordeyned that o man sholde have but o womman, and o womman but o man, as seith Seint Augustyn, by manye resouns.

The remedy against the sin of Lechery

§ 83        Now comes the remedy against Lechery, and that is generally chastity and continence, that restrains all the excessive inclinations that come of fleshly desires. And ever the greater merit shall he have that most restrains the wicked inflammations of the ardor of this sin. And this is in two manners, that is to say, chastity in marriage, and chastity of widowhood. Now shalt thou understand that matrimony is lawful assembling of man and of woman that receive by virtue of the sacrament the bond through which they can not be separated in all their life, that is to say, while they live both. This, as says the book, is a very great sacrament. God made it, as I have said, in paradise, and would himself be born in marriage. And for to sanctify marriage he was at a wedding, where he turned water into wine, which was the first miracle that he wrought in earth before his disciples. True effect of marriage cleanses fornication and replenishes holy church with good lineage, for that is the end of marriage; and it changes deadly sin into venial sin between those that are married, and makes the hearts completely united of them that are married, as well as the bodies. This is true marriage, that was established by God, before sin began, when natural law was in is proper condition in paradise; and it was ordained that one man should have but one woman, and one woman but one man, as says Saint Augustine, by many reasons.

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