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The Prioress's Prologue, lines 1-35:
A hymn to Mary and Jesus
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Prioress's Tale
lines 36-49: A Jewish quarter and a Christian school

       Ther was in Asye, in a greet citee,
Amonges Cristene folk, a Jewerye,
Sustened by a lord of that contree
For foule usure and lucre of vileynye,
40Hateful to Crist and to his compaignye,
And thurgh this strete men myghte ride or wende,
For it was free and open at eyther ende.
       In Asia, in a city rich and great
There was a Jewry set amidst the town,
Established by a rich lord of the state
For usury and gain of ill renown,
40Hateful to Christ and those who are his own;
And through that street a man might ride or wend,
For it was free and open at each end.

A litel scole of cristen folk ther stood
Doun at the ferther ende, in which ther were
45Children an heep, ycomen of Cristen blood,
That lerned in that scole yeer by yeer
Swich manere doctrine as men used there,
This is to seyn, to syngen and to rede,
As smale children doon in hir childhede.
A little school for Christian people there stood,
Down at the farther end, in which there were
45A many children born of Christian blood,
Who learned in that same school, year after year,
Such teachings as with men were current there,
That is to say, to sing well and to read,
As children do of whatsoever creed.

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