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From The Second Nun's Prologue, lines 1-21:
The dangers of the devil
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Second Nun's Prologue
lines 22-28: The purpose of the Second Nun's tale

And for to putte us fro swich ydelnesse,
That cause is of so greet confusioun,
I have heer doon my feithful bisynesse,
25After the legende, in translacioun
Right of thy glorious lyf and passioun,
Thou with thy gerland wroght with rose and lilie, -
Thee meene I, mayde and martir, Seint Cecilie.
And so, to save us from such idleness
Through which great trouble and distress have grown,
I have here done my faithful busyness,
25Translating the old legend, to make known
All of that glorious life which was thine own,
Thou ever with the rose and lily crowned,
Cecilia, for virtues high renowned.

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From The Second Nun's Prologue, lines 29-84:
A hymn to Holy Mary