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From The Second Nun's Tale, lines 120-140:
Cecilia the virgin is married to Valerian
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Second Nun's Tale
lines 141-182: Cecilia's virginity is guarded by an angel

The nyght cam, and to bedde moste she gon
With hir housbonde, as ofte is the manere,
And pryvely to hym she seyde anon,
"O sweete and wel biloved spouse deere,
145Ther is a conseil, and ye wolde it heere,
Which that right fayn I wolde unto yow seye,
So that ye swere ye shul me nat biwreye."
The night came, and to bed she must be gone
With her young husband, but she had no fear,
And privately to him she said anon:
"O sweet and well-beloved spouse so dear,
145There is a secret, if you will to hear,
Which I am fain enough to you to say,
So that you swear that me you'll not betray."

       Valerian gan faste unto hire swere
That for no cas, ne thyng that myghte be,
150He sholde nevere mo biwreyen here,
And thanne at erst to hym thus seyde she,
"I have an aungel which that loveth me,
That with greet love, wher so I wake or sleepe,
Is redy ay my body for to kepe.
       Valerian to her his oath did swear
That evermore, whatever thing might be,
150He never would betray what she said there
And so beginning straightway thus said she:
"I have an angel lover that loves me,
And with a great love, whether I wake or sleep,
He will my body ever guard and keep.

155And if that he may feelen, out of drede
That ye me touche, or love in vileynye,
He right anon wol sle yow with the dede,
And in youre yowthe thus ye sholden dye.
And if that ye in clene love me gye,
160He wol yow loven as me for youre clennesse,
And shewen yow his joye and his brightnesse."
155"And if it happens that he feels" she said
"That you will touch or love me vulgarly,
At once he'll slay and leave you with the dead,
And in your days of youth thus shall you die;
And if you love me cleanly, so say I,
160He'll love you as now me, for your cleanness,
And show you all his joy and his brightness."

       Valerian, corrected as God wolde,
Answerde agayn, "If I shal trusten thee,
Lat me that aungel se, and hym biholde,
165And if that it a verray aungel bee,
Thanne wol I doon as thou hast prayed me;
And if thou love another man, forsothe
Right with this swerd thanne wol I sle yow bothe."
       Valerian, checked thus as God would mould,
Replied: "If I'm to trust you, let me see
That angel with my eyes and him behold;
165And if that it a very angel be,
Then will I do as you have asked of me;
And if you love another man, forsooth
Right with this sword then will I slay you both."

Cecile answerde anon right in this wise,
170"If that yow list, the aungel shul ye see,
So that ye trowe in Crist, and yow baptize.
Gooth forth to Via Apia," quod she,
"That fro this toun ne stant but miles thre;
And to the povre folkes that ther dwelle
175Sey hem right thus as that I shal yow telle.
Cecilia replied right in this wise:
170"If you so wish, that angel shall you see,
So you believe in Christ and you baptize.
Go forth to Via Appia," said she,
"That from this town is distant but miles three,
And to the poor folk who in that place dwell
175Say to them what I'll now proceed to tell.

Telle hem, that I Cecile yow to hem sente,
To shewen yow the goode Urban the olde,
For secree thynges and for good entente;
And whan that ye Seint Urban han biholde,
180Telle hym the wordes whiche that I to yow tolde,
And whan that he hath purged yow fro synne,
Thanne shul ye se that aungel er ye twynne."
Tell them that I, Cecilia, have sent
You to the good man Urban, who is old,
For secret need, and with a good intent.
And when this holy Urban you behold,
180Tell him the thing that I to you have told;
And when he shall have purged you of your sin,
That angel shall you see before thence you win."

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From The Second Nun's Tale, lines 183-217:
Valerian is baptized