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From The Second Nun's Tale, lines 183-217:
Valerian is baptized
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Second Nun's Tale
lines 218-231: Valerian meets the angel

       Valerian gooth hoom, and fynt Cecile
Withinne his chambre with an aungel stonde.
220This aungel hadde of roses and of lilie
Corones two, the whiche he bar in honde;
And first to Cecile, as I understonde,
He yaf that oon, and after gan he take
That oother to Valerian hir make.
       Valerian, going home, Cecilia found
In chamber, wherein did an angel stand;
220This angel had two coronals, woven round
Of roses and of lilies, in his hand;
And to Cecilia, as I understand,
He gave the one, and gave the other straight
Unto this said Valerian, her mate.

225"With body clene and with unwemmed thoght
Kepeth ay wel thise corones," quod he,
"Fro Paradys to yow have I hem broght,
Ne nevere mo ne shal they roten bee,
Ne lese hir soote savour, trusteth me,
230Ne nevere wight shal seen hem with his eye
But he be chaast and hate vileynye.
225"With body clean and with unsullied thought
Keep well these crowns for ever," then said he;
"To you from Paradise have I them brought,
Nor ever shall they fade or withered be,
Nor lose their perfume sweet, so you trust me;
230And never man shall see them with his eye,
Save he be chaste and hate depravity.

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From The Second Nun's Tale, lines 232-287:
Valerian's brother Tibertius is christianized too