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From The Shipman's Tale, lines 255-298:
Dan John asks the merchant to lend him secretly hundred franks
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Shipman's Tale
lines 299-306: The merchant goes to Bruges

       The morwe cam, and forth this marchant rideth
300To Flaundres-ward; his prentys wel hym gydeth,
Til he cam into Brugges murily.
Now gooth this marchant faste and bisily
Aboute his nede, and byeth and creaunceth.
He neither pleyeth at the dees ne daunceth,
305But as a marchaunt, shortly for to telle,
He let his lyf, and there I lete hym dwelle.
       The morrow came and forth this merchant rides
300Toward Flanders; and his apprentice guides
Until he came to Bruges all happily.
Now went this merchant fast and busily
About his trade, and bought, and borrowed gold;
He neither played at dice nor danced, I'm told,
305But like a merchant, briefly here to tell,
He led his life, and there I let him dwell.

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From The Shipman's Tale, lines 307-324:
The interchangeability of money and sex