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From The Squire's Tale, lines 225-235:
The mirror
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Squire's Tale
lines 236-246: The sword

      And oother folk han wondred on the swerd,
That wolde percen thurgh out every thyng;
And fille in speche of Thelophus the kyng
And of Achilles with his queynte spere,
240For he koude with it bothe heele and dere,
Right in swich wise as men may with the swerd,
Of which right now ye han youreselven herd.
They speken of sondry hardyng of metal,
And speke of medicynes therwithal,
245And how and whanne it sholde yharded be,
Which is unknowe, algates unto me.
      And other folk did wonder on the sword
That had the power to pierce through anything;
And so they spoke of Telephus the king,
And of Achilles with his magic spear,
240Wherewith he healed and hurt too, 'twould appear,
Even as a man might do with this new sword
Of which, but now, I've told and you have heard.
They spoke of tempering metal sundry wise,
And medicines therewith, which men devise,
245And how and when such steel should hardened be;
Which, nevertheless, is all unknown to me.

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From The Squire's Tale, lines 247-262:
The ring