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From The Canon's Yeoman's Prologue, lines 131-145:
The Canon tries to silence his Yeoman
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Canon's Yeoman's Prologue
lines 146-166: The Yeoman continues and the canon grumbly leaves the company

       "In feith," quod he, "namoore I do but lyte."
       And whan this chanon saugh it wolde nat bee,
But his yeman wolde telle his pryvetee,
He fledde awey for verray sorwe and shame.
150       "A!" quod the yeman, "heere shal arise game;
Al that I kan anon now wol I telle.
Syn he is goon, the foule feend hym quelle!
For nevere heerafter wol I with hym meete
For peny ne for pound, I yow biheete.
155He that me broghte first unto that game,
Er that he dye, sorwe have he and shame!
For it is ernest to me, by me feith;
That feele I wel, what so any man seith.
And yet, for al my smert and al my grief,
160For al my sorwe, labour, and meschief,
I koude nevere leve it in no wise.
Now wolde God my wit myghte suffise
To tellen al that longeth to that art!
But nathelees yow wol I tellen part.
165Syn that my lord is goon, I wol nat spare;
Swich thyng as that I knowe, I wol declare.
       "In faith," said he, "my caring is but slight."
       And when this canon saw how it would be,
That his yeoman would tell his privity,
He fled away for very grief and shame.
150       "Ah," said the yeoman, "hence shall come a game.
All that I know anon now will I tell.
Since he is gone, the devil take him to Hell!
With him hereafter I'll have naught to do
For penny or for pound, I promise you!
155He that first brought me into that ill game,
Before he die, sorrow have he and shame!
For it's no game to me, sirs, by my fay;
That I feel well, whatever men may say.
And yet, for all my smart and all my grief,
160For all the sorrow, labour, and mischief,
I never could leave off, in any wise.
Now would to God that my wit might suffice
To tell of all pertaining to that art!
Nevertheless, I will relate a part;
165Since now my lord is gone, I will not spare;
The things I know about I will declare."

Heere endeth the Prologe of the Chanouns Yemannes Tale

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From The Canon's Yeoman's Tale, lines 167-196:
The yeoman tells he has worked with the canon for seven years