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From The Canon's Yeoman's Tale, lines 277-298:
The canon's craft is hard to learn
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Canon's Yeoman's Tale
lines 299-308: The yeoman names some fluids used by the canon

       Yet forgat I to maken rehersaille
300Of watres corosif, and of lymaille,
And of bodies mollificacioun,
And also of hire induracioun;
Oilles, ablucions, and metal fusible, -
To tellen al wolde passen any bible
305That owher is; wherfore, as for beste,
Of alle thise names now wol I me reste.
For, as I trowe, I have yow toold ynowe
To reyse a feend, al looke he never so rowe.
       Yet I forgot to tell you in detail
300Of the corrosive waters and limaille,
And of some bodies the mollification,
And on the other hand of induration,
Oils, and ablutions, metals fusible-
More than a bible it would need to tell,
305The largest ever; therefore I think best
That of these names I say no more, but rest.
For I believe that I've told you enough
To raise a devil, be he never so rough.

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