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From The Canon's Yeoman's Tale, lines 459-468:
A priest in London
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Canon's Yeoman's Tale
lines 469-488: The false canon borrows money from the priest and pays him back on the due date

       This false chanon cam upon a day
470Unto this preestes chambre, wher he lay,
Bisechynge hym to lene hym a certeyn
Of gold, and he wolde quite it hym ageyn.
"Leene me a marc," quod he, "but dayes three,
And at my day I wol it quiten thee.
475And if so be that thow me fynde fals,
Another day do hange me by the hals!"
       This canon false, he came, upon a day
470Into the chaplain's chamber, where he lay,
Beseeching him to lend him a certain
Amount in gold, the which he'd pay again.
"Lend me a mark," said he, "for three days, say,
And when that time's done, I will it repay.
475And if you find me false, I shall not reck
If, on a day, you hang me by the neck!"
       This preest hym took a marc, and that as swithe,
And this chanoun hym thanked ofte sithe,
And took his leve, and wente forth his weye,
480And at the thridee day broghte his moneye,
And to the preest he took his gold agayn,
Wherof this preest was wonder glad and fayn.
       This priest brought him a mark, and quickly, too,
Whereat this canon thanked him, said adieu,
And took his leave and went forth on his way,
480And brought the money back on the third day,
And to the priest he gave his gold again,
Whereof this priest was wondrous glad, 'tis plain.
       "Certes," quod he, "no thyng anoyeth me
To lene a man a noble, or two, or thre,
485Or what thyng were in my possessioun,
Whan he so trewe is of condicioun
That in no wise he breke wole his day;
To swich a man I kan never seye nay."
       "Truly," he said, "it no wise bothers me
To lend a man a noble, or two, or three,
485Or any modest thing that is my own,
To him who has the disposition shown
That in no wise will he forgo to pay;
To such a man I never can say nay."

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