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From Troilus and Criseyde, Book II, lines 1492-1568:
The gathering at Deiphebus' house
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Geoffrey Chaucer (1342 - 1400):
Troilus and Criseyde
Book II, lines 1569-1596: Troilus lays sick

Gret honour dide hem Deiphebus, certeyn,
1570And fedde hem wel with al that mighte lyke.
But ever-more, `Allas!' was his refreyn,
`My goode brother Troilus, the syke,
Lyth yet" --and therwithal he gan to sike;
And after that, he peyned him to glade
1575Hem as he mighte, and chere good he made.

Compleyned eek Eleyne of his syknesse
So feithfully, that pitee was to here,
And every wight gan waxen for accesse
A leche anoon, and seyde, `In this manere
1580Men curen folk; this charme I wol yow lere.'
But ther sat oon, al list hir nought to teche,
That thoughte, best koude I yet been his leche.

After compleynt, him gonnen they to preyse,
As folk don yet, whan som wight hath bigonne
1585To preyse a man, and up with prys him reyse
A thousand fold yet hyer than the sonne: --
`He is, he can, that fewe lordes conne.'
And Pandarus, of that they wolde afferme,
He not forgat hir preysing to conferme.

1590Herde al this thing Criseyde wel ynough,
And every word gan for to notifye;
For which with sobre chere hir herte lough;
For who is that ne wolde hir glorifye,
To mowen swich a knight don live or dye?
1595But al passe I, lest ye to longe dwelle;
For for o fyn is al that ever I telle.

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