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From Troilus and Criseyde, Book III, lines 547-651:
Criseyde dines at Pandarus' house unknowingly watched by Troilus
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Geoffrey Chaucer (1342 - 1400):
Troilus and Criseyde
Book III, lines 652-693: Due to bad weather, Pandarus persuades Criseyde to sleep over at his house

Thus al is wel; but tho bigan aright
The newe joye, and al the feste agayn;
But Pandarus, if goodly hadde he might,
655He wolde han hyed hir to bedde fayn,
And seyde, `Lord, this is an huge rayn!
This were a weder for to slepen inne;
And that I rede us sone to biginne.

`And nece, woot ye wher I wol yow leye,
660For that we shul not liggen fer asonder,
And for ye neither shullen, dar I seye,
Heren noise of reynes nor of thonder?
By God, right in my lyte closet yonder.
And I wol in that outer hous allone
665Be wardeyn of your wommen everichon.

`And in this middel chaumbre that ye see
Shal youre wommen slepen wel and softe;
And ther I seyde shal yourselve be;
And if ye liggen wel to-night, com ofte,
670And careth not what weder is on lofte.
The wyn anon, and whan so that yow leste,
So go we slepe, I trowe it be the beste.'

Ther nis no more, but hereafter sone,
The voyde dronke, and travers drawe anon,
675Gan every wight, that hadde nought to done
More in the place, out of the chaumber gon.
And ever mo so sternelich it ron,
And blew therwith so wonderliche loude,
That wel neigh no man heren other koude.

680Tho Pandarus, hir eem, right as him oughte,
With women swiche as were hir most aboute,
Ful glad un-to hir beddes syde hir broughte,
And toke his leve, and gan ful lowe loute,
And seyde, `Here at this closet-dore with-oute,
685Right overthwart, your wommen liggen alle,
That, whom yow list of hem, ye may here calle.'

So whan that she was in the closet leyd,
And alle hir wommen forth by ordinaunce
Abedde weren, ther as I have seyd,
690There was no more to skippen nor to traunce,
But boden go to bedde, with mischaunce,
If any wight was steringe any-where,
And late hem slepe that abedde were.

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