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From The Clerk's Tale, lines 141-161:
Lord Walter consents to marriage
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Clerk's Tale
lines 162-175: Lord Walter stipulates some conditions

       Lat me allone in chesynge of my wyf,
That charge upon my bak I wole endure;
But I yow preye, and charge upon youre lyf
165What wyf that I take, ye me assure
To worshipe hir, whil that hir lyf may dure,
In word and werk, bothe heere and everywheere,
As she an emperoures doghter weere.
       Let me alone in choosing of my wife,
That burden on my own back I'll endure;
But I pray you, and charge you on your life,
165That what wife I may take, me you'll assure
You'll honour her life's tenure,
In word and deed, both here and everywhere,
As if she were an emperor's daughter fair.

       And forthermoore, this shal ye swere, that ye
170Agayn my choys shul neither grucche ne stryve,
For sith I shal forgoon my libertee
At youre requeste, as evere moot I thryve,
Ther as myn herte is set, ther wol I wyve!
And but ye wole assente in this manere,
175I prey yow, speketh namoore of this matere."
       And furthermore, this shall you swear, that you
170Against my choice shall neither grouse nor strive;
Since I'm forgoing liberty, and woo
At your request, so may I ever thrive
As, where my heart is set, there will I wive;
And save you give consent in such manner,
175I pray you speak no more of this matter."

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From The Clerk's Tale, lines 176-196:
The people agree to Lord Walter's conditions