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From The Clerk's Tale, lines 288-315:
Walter stops at Janicula's house and asks him for the hand of Griselda
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Clerk's Tale
lines 316-322: Janicula consents

       This sodeyn cas this man astonyed so,
That reed he wax; abayst and al quakyng
He stood, unnethes seyde he wordes mo,
But oonly thus, "Lord," quod he, "my willynge
320Is as ye wole, ne ayeyns youre likynge
I wol no thyng, ye be my lord so deere;
Right as yow lust governeth this mateere."
       This sudden word the man astonished so
That red he grew, abashed, and all quaking
He stood; nor could he answer further, no,
Than but to say: "O Lord, I am willing
320To do your will; but against your liking
I'll do no thing; you are my lord so dear
That what you wish governs this matter here."

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From The Clerk's Tale, lines 323-350:
Walter asks Griselda to marry him