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From The Franklin's Tale, lines 762-778:
Truth is the highest thing that man may keep
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Franklin's Tale
lines 779-790: Dorigen is sent away to fulfil her promise
and the Franklin warns his audience not to draw a conclusion yet

       And forth he cleped a squier and a mayde;
780"Gooth forth anon with Dorigen," he sayde,
"And bryngeth hir to swich a place anon,"
They take hir leve, and on hir wey they gon,
But they ne weste why she thider wente,
He nolde no wight tellen his entente.
       And then he called a squire and a maid:
780"Go forth anon with Dorigen," he said,
"And bring her to a certain place anon."
They took their leave and on their way were gone.
But nothing knew of why she thither went
Nor would he to a soul tell his intent.
785        Paraventure, an heep of yow, ywis,
Wol holden hym a lewed man in this,
That he wol putte his wyf in jupartie.
Herkneth the tale er ye upon hire crie;
She may have bettre fortune than yow semeth,
790And whan that ye han herd the tale, demeth.
785       Perhaps a lot of you will certainly
Hold him a wicked man that wilfully
Put his wife's honour thus in jeopardy;
Listen to the tale, before you upon her cry.
She may have better luck than you suppose;
790And when you've heard all, let your judgment close.

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From The Franklin's Tale, lines 791-805:
Dorigen meets Aurelius and says she has come to fulfil her promise