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From The Franklin's Tale, lines 779-790:
Dorigen is sent away to fulfil her promise and the Franklin warns his audience not to draw a conclusion yet
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Franklin's Tale
lines 791-805: Dorigen meets Aurelius and says she has come to fulfil her promise

       This squier, which that highte Aurelius,
On Dorigen that was so amorus,
Of aventure happed hir to meete
Amydde the toun, right in the quykkest strete,
795As she was bown to goon the wey forth-right
Toward the gardyn, ther as she had hight.
And he was to the gardyn-ward also,
For wel he spyed whan she wolde go
Out of hir hous to any maner place.
800But thus they mette, of aventure or grace
And he saleweth hir with glad entente,
And asked of hir whiderward she wente.
And she answerde, half as she were mad,
"Unto the gardyn as myn housbonde bad,
805My trouthe for to holde, allas! allas!"
       This squire I've told you of, Aurelius,
Of Dorigen he being so amorous,
Chanced, as it seems, his lady fair to meet
In middle town, right in the busiest street,
795As she was going forth, as you have heard,
Toward the garden where she'd pledged her word.
And he was going gardenward also;
For he was always watching when she'd go
Out of her house to any kind of place.
800But thus they met, by chance perhaps or grace;
And he saluted her with good intent,
And asked her, now, whither it was she went.
And she replied, as if she were half mad:
"Unto the garden, as my husband bade,
805My promise there to keep, alas, alast"

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From The Franklin's Tale, lines 806-836:
Aurelius discharges Dorigen