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From The Franklin's Tale, lines 806-836:
Aurelius discharges Dorigen
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Franklin's Tale
lines 837-848: A happy end for Dorigen and Arviragus

       She thonketh hym upon hir knees al bare,
And hoom unto hir housbonde is she fare,
And tolde hym al, as ye han herd me sayd;
840And be ye siker, he was so weel apayd
That it were inpossible me to wryte.
What sholde I lenger of this cas endyte?
       Upon her bare knees did she thank him there,
And home unto her husband did she fare,
And told him all, as you have heard it said;
840And be assured, he was so pleased and glad
That 'twere impossible of it to write.
What should I further of this case indite?
       Arveragus and Dorigen his wyf
In sovereyn blisse leden forth hir lyf,
845Nevere eft ne was ther angre hem bitwene.
He cherisseth hire as though she were a queene,
And she was to hym trewe for everemoore.-
Of thise two folk ye gete of me namoore.
       Arviragus and Dorigen his wife
In sovereign happiness led forth their life.
845Never did any anger come between;
He cherished her as if she were a queen;
And she to him was true for evermore.
Of these two folk you get from me no more.

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From The Franklin's Tale, lines 849-862:
Aurelius goes to the wizard to fulfil his promise