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From The Knight's Tale, lines 971-1011:
Arcita and Palamon are allowed to return after a year with hundred warriors each and the winner of the battle shall have Emily
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Knight's Tale
lines 1012-1022: The two knights thank Theseus and go homeward to prepare for the fight

      Who looketh lightly now but Palamoun?
Who spryngeth up for joye but Arcite?
Who kouthe tellen, or who kouthe endite
1015The joye that is maked in the place,
Whan Theseus hath doon so fair a grace?
But doun on knees wente every maner wight,
And thonken hym with al hir herte and myght,
And namely the Thebans, often sithe.
1020And thus with good hope and with herte blithe
They taken hir leve, and homward gonne they ride
To Thebes with hise olde walles wyde.
      Who looks up lightly now but Palamon?
Who leaps for you but Arcita the knight?
And who could tell, or who could ever write
1015The jubilation made within that place
Where Theseus has shown so fair a grace?
But down on knee went each one for delight
And thanked him there with all his heart and might,
And specially those Thebans did their part.
1020And thus, with high hopes, being blithe of heart,
They took their leave; and homeward did they ride
To Thebes that sits within her old walls wide.

Explicit Secunda Pars
(Here ends the second part)

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From The Knight's Tale, lines 1023-1055:
Duke Theseus builds an amphitheatre for the fight between Arcita and Palamon