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From The Knight's Tale, lines 1741-1777:
The battle in the amphitheatre
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Knight's Tale
lines 1778-1793: Palamon is captured

      Som tyme an ende ther is of every dede.
For er the sonne unto the reste wente,
1780The stronge kyng Emetreus gan hente
This Palamon, as he faught with Arcite,
And made his swerd depe in his flessh to byte.
And by the force of twenty is he take
Unyolden, and ydrawen unto the stake.
1785And in the rescus of this Palamoun
The stronge kyng Lygurge is born adoun,
And kyng Emetreus, for al his strengthe,
Is born out of his sadel a swerdes lengthe,
So hitte him Palamoun er he were take;
1790But al for noght, he was broght to the stake.
His hardy herte myghte hym helpe naught,
He moste abyde, whan that he was caught,
By force, and eek by composicioun.
      But sometime comes the end of every deed;
And before the sun had sunk to rest in gold,
1780The mighty King Emetreus did hold
This Palamon, as he fought with Arcite,
And made his sword deep in the flesh to bite;
And by the force of twenty men he's made,
Unyielded, to withdraw to barricade.
1785And, trying hard to rescue Palamon,
The mighty King Lyburgus is borne down;
And King Emetreus, for all his strength,
Is hurled out of the saddle a sword's length,
So hits out Palamon once more, or ere
1790But all for nothing, he's brought to barrier.
His hardy heart may now avail him naught;
He must abide there now, being fairly caught
By force of arms, as by provision known.

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From The Knight's Tale, lines 1794-1804:
Theseus declares Arcita to be the winner