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From The Knight's Tale, lines 1778-1793:
Palamon is captured
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Knight's Tale
lines 1794-1804: Theseus declares Arcita to be the winner

      Who sorweth now but woful Palamoun,
1795That moot namoore goon agayn to fighte?
And whan that Theseus hadde seyn this sighte
Unto the folk that foghten thus echon
He cryde, "Hoo! namoore, for it is doon.
I wol be trewe juge, and no partie;
1800Arcite of Thebes shal have Emelie,
That by his fortune hath hir faire ywonne!"
Anon ther is a noyse of peple bigonne
For joye of this so loude and heighe withalle
It semed that the lystes sholde falle.
      Who sorrows now but woeful Palamon,
1795Who may no more advance into the fight?
And when Duke Theseus had seen this sight,
Unto the warriors fighting, every one,
He cried out: "Hold! No more! For it is done!
Now will I prove true judge, of no party.
1800Theban Arcita shall have Emily,
Who, by his fortune, has her fairly won."
And now a noise of people is begun
For joy of this, so loud and shrill withal,
It seems as if the very lists will fall.

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From The Knight's Tale, lines 1805-1817:
Saturn disagrees with the result of the fight