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From The Manciple's Tale, lines 187-195:
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Manciple's Tale
lines 196-202: Phoebus' wife has a secret lover

       This Phebus, which that thoghte upon no gile,
Deceyved was, for al his jolitee.
For under hym another hadde shee,
A man of litel reputacioun,
200Nat worth to Phebus in comparisoun.
The moore harm is, it happeth ofte so,
Of which ther cometh muchel harm and wo.
       This Phoebus, who was thinking of no guile,
He was deceived, for all his quality;
For under him a substitute had she,
A man of little reputation, one
200Worth naught to Phoebus, by comparison.
The more harm that; it often happens so,
Whereof there come so much of harm and woe.

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From The Manciple's Tale, lines 203-239:
Phoebus' wife commits adultery