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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 1142-1148:
The death of King Alla
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Man of Law's Tale
lines 1149-1162: Constance retires in Rome

       To Rome is come this hooly creature,
1150And fyndeth ther hir freendes hoole and sounde.
Now is she scaped al hire aventure,
And whan that she hir fader hath yfounde,
Doun on hir knees falleth she to grounde,
Wepynge for tendrenesse, in herte blithe,
1155She heryeth God an hundred thousande sithe.
       To Rome is come this holy one and pure,
1150And finds that all her friends are safe and sound;
For now she's done with all her adventure;
And when she'd come there, and her father found,
Down on her two knees fell she to the ground,
Weeping but joyful gave she God her praise
1155A hundred thousand times for all his ways.

       In vertu and in hooly almus-dede
They lyven alle, and never asonder wende
Til deeth departed hem; this lyf they lede;-
And fareth now weel, my tale is at an ende.
1160Now Jesu Crist, that of his myght may sende
Joye after wo, governe us in his grace,
And kepe us alle that been in this place. Amen.
       In virtue, and with alms and holy deed,
They all live there, nor ever asunder wend;
Till death does part them, such a life they lead.
And fare now well, my tale is at an end.
1160And Jesus Christ, who of his might may send
Joy after woe, govern us by his grace
And keep us all that now are in this place! Amen.

Heere endeth the tale of the Man of Lawe.

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