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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 1128-1141:
King Alla and Constance return to England
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Man of Law's Tale
lines 1142-1148: The death of King Alla

For deeth, that taketh of heigh and logh his rente,
Whan passed was a yeer, evene as I gesse,
Out of this world this kyng Alla he hente,
1145For whom Custance hath ful greet hevynesse.
Now lat us praye God his soule blesse,
And dame Custance, finally to seye,
Toward the toun of Rome goth hir weye.
For death, that takes from high and low his rent,
When but a year had passed, as I should guess,
Out of the world King Alla quickly sent,
1145For whom Constance felt heavy wretchedness.
Now let us pray that God his soul will bless!
And of Dame Constance, finally to say,
Towards the town of Rome she took her way.

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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 1149-1162:
Constance retires in Rome