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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 372-385:
The onset of the conspiracy
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Man of Law's Tale
lines 386-406: Constance arrives in Syria

Sequitur pars secunda
Here begins the second part

       Arryved been this Cristen folk to londe,
In Surrye, with a greet solempne route,
And hastifliche this Sowdan sente his sonde
First to his mooder and all the regne aboute,
390And seyde his wyf was comen, oute of doute,
And preyde hir for to ryde agayn the queene,
The honour of his regne to susteene.
       Arrived now are these Christian folk at land,
In Syria, with a great stately rout,
And hastily this sultan gave command,
First to his mother and all the realm about,
390Saying his wife has come, beyond a doubt,
And prayed her that she ride to meet the queen,
That all due honour might be shown and seen.

Greet was the prees, and riche was th'array
Of Surryens and Romayns met yfeere;
395The mooder of the Sowdan, riche and gay,
Receyveth hir with also glad a cheere
As any mooder myghte hir doghter deere,
And to the nexte citee ther bisyde
A softe pass solempnely they ryde.
Great was the crush and rich was the array
Of Syrians and Romans, meeting here;
395The mother of the sultan, rich and gay,
Received her open-armed, with smiling cheer,
As any mother might a daughter dear;
And to the nearest city, with the bride,
At gentle pace, right festively they ride.

400        Noght trowe I the triumphe of Julius,
Of which that Lucan maketh swich a boost,
Was roialler, ne moore curius
Than was th'assemblee of this blisful hoost.
But this scorpioun, this wikked goost,
405The Sowdanesse, for all hir falterynge
Caste under this ful mortally to stynge.
400       I think the triumph of great Julius,
Whereof old Lucan make so long a boast,
Was not more royal nor more curious
Than was the assembling of this happy host.
But this same Scorpion, this wicked ghost-
405The old sultana, for all her flattering,
Chose in that sign full mortally to sting.

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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 407-441:
The execution of the conspiracy